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December 03, 2009


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Bob Couttie

"This great believer in democracy would have us all run by a bunch of clever scientists in a single world government."
An irrational conclusion drawn from a statement of fact, thus neatly proving my point.

The Optimist

Clearly the intent is to globally regulate the emission of CO2, which I think means every thing in the world economy - power, transport, housing, manufacturing, etc.

If that isn't a world government, what is it?

Bob Couttie

Ah, so attempts to eradicate hazards to human existence, like polio, AIDS, Malaria, public hygiene and terrorism are merely efforts to impose a one-world government. An interesting view point but irrelevant and unsupportable.

I could easily have responded that you want a one world government run by extreme right wing, NRA card-holding loony tune creationists, witch doctors, astrologers and goats intestine students, all of whom must be extremist, fundamental 'christians'. I did not do so because it does not address your belief that the general public, particularly in the US, has a good understanding of how science works and uses critical thinking in its analysis.

Your reliance on an irrational 'ad hominem' argument - attack the person, not the facts, means that I won this exchange. What you should have done is to demonstrate that the general public had and insightful understanding of how science works and overwhelmingly discarded the psuedo science in the examples given. When you can do that, then and only then, have you addressed what I said.

Indeed, to maintain any sort of credibility as a climate change sceptic you have to disprove what I said - and codswallop about a 'one world government run by scientists' doesn't hack it.

So, come on, be a man, where is your evidence that what I said was wrong?

So, where is the evidence that I am wrong? Speak up!

The Optimist

I don't believe polio, aids, malaria, public hygiene and terrorism have been sorted out. To the extent that they have, the costs are considerably less than this global warming scam. Also, these matters are real problems affecting real people, not just made up ones like global warming. Also these have been in the main sorted out by cooperation between sovereign governments, without the sort of binding targets and sums of money global warming apparently requires.

Your point is a sad one, because it betrays a lack of faith in democracy. In fact democracy has survived much harsher critics that you, and will continue to. It is well documented that the people eventually cotton on to an issue and make the right decision, perhaps not as quickly as one would like, but always get there in the end.

That is what we are now seeing with global warming. Even before climategate, scepticism has increased markedly in the last year or so. Global warming has had its day, in my view.

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