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December 27, 2009


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The thing is, if you want to break someone's spirit, give them useless things to do, and let them know they are wasting their time.

In Russia many political prisoners were sent to Siberia where they would do hard labor. In one case some dug out coal and loaded it on a truck. The truck, instead of taking the coal to be shipped to where it was needed, drove a short distance away and dumped it where the workers could see it. Then they had to shovel it back on the truck so it could be dumped back into the hole for the next day's effort. Repeat this often enough and you drive men insane. Training children to do useless things can't possibly be good for their psychological development. In fact, what's being done to them can, without exaggeration, be called downright evil.

The Optimist

Yes, particularly if they know it is a waste of time. These children had a cruel lesson in life. No wonder the teacher is so upset, explaining to a bunch of 8 years olds that recycling is still useful even though it is useless...that would drive anyone nuts as children can unfortunately see right through the emperor's clothes.

A bigger concern is the teaching saying it is a 'huge part of the curriculum'. To me that it bordering on professional negligence, given other priorities in learning.

One hopes that they aren't teaching them too much about global warming.

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Shame on the Headteacher, the educational authority and the British Government for filling the minds of innocent children with this environmental garbage when they should be learning to read, write and count.

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