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May 09, 2009


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Bunnings here give you no bag, just leave the stuff on the counter for you to go get a ratty beat up half of a cardboard box to put things in. Whats the point in the little baskets in the store since if you cant carry it in the store, you cant really carry it around to find a stupid box and stuff.

The result is I shop more at mitre 10 who give you a bag.

The Optimist

Yes I used to shop at Bunnings quite a bit, but after they got rid of bags I only went once more. Bought my goods (lots of little bits) and they refused me a bag. I asked for a refund whereupon they tried to give me a huge eco-bag. Apparently they simply *don't have* normal carrier bags any more! I still wanted a refund but it involved a lot of messing around. Unfortunately I was out of time and left without the goods.

I have never been back. I make a point of telling Mitre 10 why I shop there, and it is because they care more about their customers that the idiotic hand-wringing environmentalists. Unfortunately Mitre 10 is a bit further away, but at least I can get the stuff home.

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who wrote this article?

The Optimist

Me, The Optimist

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