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November 09, 2008


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Dave Mann

Yes, I agree that it was a good result and great for the fact that it was clear cut.

And, when I looked at your post, the first thing that struck me was "We really HAVE to change that bloody flag if we are going to grow up as a country."

I wonder if this hoary old chestnut will resurface again, and if so whether we are ready to make some mature decisions.

The Optimist

Well you may be right, although my wife is English so it's hard for me :-)

Most of the world's flags are silly stripes. I'm also not keen on Maori things (we are not a Maori country and contrary to what most British believe I we don't wear grass skirts!) or emblems which look super trendy in one decade and horribly sad in the next. Flags need to be timeless.

But we shouldn't read too much into the flag. The current one probably has commercial and tourism value, but less and less as time goes by. What are you suggesting?

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