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October 22, 2008


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OK - please make note that ecobags is a brand of reusable bags - actually the brand that was at the starting line and none of the ecobags we produce are made of plastic. So, it's incorrect to call a nwpp or other bag an ecobag or ecobags. It's not a generic term.

The Optimist

Hi Sharon - ok, what is the generic term please?

nicola hubbard

we shoped at alid once and had to pay for bags, i think thats wrong cause some families are struggling to get food on the table but have to by the bags i so wrong.

The Optimist

It is wrong. I bet if the bag suppliers started charging 10 cents for them then the shop would switch suppliers immediately. It is just hypocrisy to say that we shouldn't mind paying for things that cost basically nothing for 'environmental reasons'.

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Hi! Your blog is a different one. I think You have to change your views about plastic bags.Anyway I liked your cartoon. Than Q.

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The meaningless that I often listen to at the store or see in advertising materials often creates me think we have went into a religious.


Plastic bags do harm animals is where you are wrong. Plastic harms animals in more than just one way. More than 100,000 marine animals alone die from plastic ingestion every year, I am not saying all the deaths were due to plastic bags but some where. Plastic looks like a jelly fish when floating in the water and is commonly mistaken for food. They entangle animals restricting airways, digestion, and growth. The chemicals in plastic enter the food chain and work their way up, eventually leading to humans. Banning plastic would save humans from themselves because we are ingesting plastic's chemicals too.
I will leave citations to credible sources so you can learn up on it for yourself.
"Plastic Statistics." Plastic Statistics. Ocean Crusaders, n.d. Web. 08 Nov. 2012.
Wills, Amanda. "The Numbers on Plastics." Find Where and How to Recycle. Earth 911,
2012. Web. 08 Nov. 2012.

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