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October 30, 2008


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What a great thing to do - good on the environmentalists! We need more folk like them out there. It is time that our politicians agree to bring agriculture - our biggest emitter of greenhouse gases - into the ETS immediately and act to halt activities that lead to increases in emissions - such as cutting down our trees to convert that land to corporate dairy farms. It is time to keep our loggers in jobs and to keep our dairy farmers in jobs too - not sell of land to huge corporates.

The Optimist

Bringing agriculture into the ETS would probably just shut it down. That might not be very good for those nice dairy farmers (by the way - they are self-employed).

Why we would care about 'emissions' is beyond me. I assume you mean CO2, responsible for almost all of the plant growth around the world.

What is all this about 'corporate' dairy farms? Are you meaning that owner operators are good, but those who form a company are bad?

steve from auckland

ur blog is shite


Stupid eco-freaks are the planets worse enemy and i saw a cartoon showing KERMIT THE FROG calling up AL GORE and READING HIM THE RIOT ACT i mean these eco-freaks are idiots and frankly they should be put on these fires let them help put out these fires they have started with theri stupid lawsuits so instead of sitting in the trees let them realy save the trees but fighting the fires and the same to eco-freak ding-bat JULIA(BUTTERFLY)HILL and as for this wacko who calls himself TRE-ARROW i say let him rot in prison let him know america dosnt tollerate the crinimal acts he commited and the fact is the UNIBOMBER was a big time eco-freak who read AL GORES poppycock book EARTH IN THE BALANCE

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