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October 30, 2008


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Dave Mann

Below is the 'disclaimer' which I have written for the bottom of all my emails.

If you, like me, are digusted at the eco- propagandists, then please feel free to copy this and use it yourself. The more people stand up and say what they think, the more we will be able to beat this shit and encourage rational thought and actions.

Say 'NO' to Eco-guilt:
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PRINT THIS EMAIL. Print has a nice tactile quality; you can take it places and pass it around easily (and
you can read it while you are on the loo too!). Also, paper is
made from renewable forests, which release heaps of lovely oxygen into the atmosphere for us to breathe - and the forestry industry contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy and
keeps thousands of people and their families in gainful productive employment.

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