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July 18, 2008


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But that doesn't even begin to cover it - there's twice as much oil in oil sands as there is in "sweet light" stuff. That's been known for years and is only just started being exploited.

The Optimist

And only will be while the price is high. Yes you are right - there are so many dimensions on which it is simply wrong. Another one is the expectation that 3rd world countries will continue to subsidise petrol heavily even as the price skyrockets (already many have cut subsidies).

How do people believe in peak oil? I think I'd rather believe in ghosts, at least they are interesting.


I wonder if you would be able to produce a graph overlaying discovered oil with the price?

The Optimist

Yes I would love to, will try to find the time. It's quite a job to collate it all.

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