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June 03, 2008


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What Labour really want is an opportunity to put their own lines out asap so they have enough time to repeat them so many times that people might start to believe them.

What they still haven't grasped is that National could put out almost any policy it wants, it simply isn't going to change the fact that people are heartily sick of the party of crooks and liars.

The Optimist

I am certainly no fan of socialists and environmentalists but I have to say I have got used to having Labour around. They get in the way, and don't really know what they are doing, but aren't all governments like that?

I was away for the entire period of the last National govt. so my last memory of National was Muldoon, hardly a shining beacon, at least in the end. Maybe National in the 90s was a wonderful example of rolling back the state, but if so, it doesn't seem to have had any lasting impact.

So for me, if Labour fingernails are finally extracted one by one from the recycled wood of the behive offices and put out to pasture I will find it a sureal experience.

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