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March 17, 2009


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The staff and mgmt of Borders may be nutters but how normal do you think those that work in other book stores are?

Not very!

In any event, anyone that buys 7 books in one go is far too rich to be anything other than eccentric. In other words, a nutter.

We are all nutters.

Even those of us feeding our book buying addiction one book at a time!

Frankly, Borders should have the courage of its convictions and not supply plastic bags at all. If they believe it is bad for the environment they should ban them from their stores.

But they don't.

Most people will pay the measly extra 10 cents for a bag. After all, the Kiwi peso isn't a real currency is it?

Just how much do one of those bags cost to produce? A tenth of a cent? Less? What is their environmental cost? I recycle mine. I use them as bin liners for the kitchen bucket. Awful I suppose but at least they have a useful second life.

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