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March 22, 2009


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Excellent point about a ridiculous feel-good utter waste of ratepayers money. Mr Hide has a long way to go to reverse the entrenched culture of Nanny Statism within local government...

We suggest that you crank up the wattage and raise a single digit to the smug and insidious Earth Hour supporters. At the same time you can tell those jersey and sandal wearing socialist x school teachers that congregate around council chambers to stick to their knitting.

Support the "Edison Hour" instead. Ridicule the gullibility of global warmists and show your support for celebrating Human achievement.

After fully digesting this fine blog, head over to www.motella.blogspot.co.nz and join the Edison Hour - we'll leave the light on!

The Optimist

Yes indeed - here is the link, right?


Also see this:


Last year I got out the fairy lights:


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